First Off-road Dirt Track Racing In Nigeria Kicks Off January 2017, To Hold in Benin City

Auto race track challenges and competitions are rarely seen in Nigeria.

Off-road racing xroad Nigeria

Against the backdrop of this, a new Sports League Team of automobile enthusiasts and dirt road racers have successfully launched in Nigeria.

RoadX Nigeria brings the track race culture of the West to the Nigerian automobile sector, making a kickstart with the first dirt road challenge.

The track events are scheduled to hold beginning in April 2017 in Benin City, Edo with registration, pre-racing engagements and qualifying races starting in January.

Off-road racing xroad Nigeria l

Winner prizes are attractive with BMW E30 challenge on the RoadX Dirt Track in January promising 100K Monthly. Top 20 winners would qualify for the Easter 2017 Race Day.

Off-road racing xroad

Prizes are as follows,

1st Prize 250k, 
2nd Prize 150k, 
3rd Prize 100K.

To participate, register @ www.roadxnigeria.com or click on the image below.

First Off-road Dirt Track Racing In Nigeria

Schedule For 2017 Events 

2017 Race Days

The RoadX Dirt Track Car Races (“E30 Racing”) will hold on the following days in 2017:

- April 16, 2017 

- July 16, 2017 

- October 1, 2017 

- November 25, 2017 (The BT Car Category)

at 2pm respectively.

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