Chart: The Maximum Distance You Can Go On Empty Fuel Tank

It is expedient to know how much further you can drive your car on a low or empty fuel tank.

How far you can drive on empty tank

YourMechanic has provided us with a comprehensive chart on the maximum distance a driver can go when the low fuel warning light comes on, and the different vehicles.

In a previous post, I outlined the dangers associated with running your vehicle on a low fuel tank.

For most vehicles, you could drive for another 40km on a low fuel tank depending on your mode of driving, handling and your engine's tuning.

An improperly-tuned engine wastes fuel.

I also made a post on tips for saving fuel on your vehicle.

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Exactly how far you can drive on empty depends on your vehicle, your driving habits, and road conditions. However, you may be surprised to see how few miles you actually can drive once the low fuel warning light comes on.

The chart below shows the different vehicles and how far you can go on empty.

Driving on empty is sometimes a necessity, and when you find yourself in that situation, it is important for you to know exactly how many miles of range you have left. Figuring this out beforehand is a good way to be prepared when the tank gets really low, and to avoid a breakdown. If you notice that you are reaching empty unusually quickly or have leaking fuel, be sure to have an inspection performed as soon as possible

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