Extreme Tech: A Lookback At Germany’s Transparent Car

As technologies continue to evolve, so do new ideas. Who would have thought of a transparent/see-through vehicle in a dispensation when privacy is a key issue?

ZF semi- autonomous transparent car

There goes the extremities of modern day technology. Now an automobile coy in Germany, TRW Automotive designed a transparent car model and unveiled it back in October, 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, employing the services of female models to demonstrate how it works.

Incorporated with sensors all-over, the vehicle is stated to be semi-autonomous, acrylic and endued with the next generation of safety technologies and high tech features simply to minimize road crashes and to keep drivers and passengers safe.

The see-through car exposes every part of it and its operations, from the engine to the interior and to the trunk.

Transparent car by Germany

The company's ideology is all about safety and advanced systems but it is ignoring the aspect of privacy. Most people wouldn't wanna drive around town with every of their activity inside the car displayed to the whole world like a movie.

Seems to me like technology is actually getting insane and overboard. Would you agree to buy and drive a transparent car with no privacy protection at all? No, I'm sure you wouldn't. :)

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