FRSC Set To Deploy New Technology In Checking Vehicle Particulars

Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) is set to employ new technologies in the area of vehicle particulars verification on highways.

FRSC stopping a vehicle
FRSC officials on duty 
According to the Commanding Officer for Lagos and Ogun State Zonal Commands, Mr. Shehu Zaki, the new tech device would be used to ticket recalcitrant and non-conforming drivers.

“We want to leverage on technology because if a vehicle has a genuine plate number and you pick that number you will get the vehicle. That is why we are insisting that the issues of vehicle registration and driver’s licence are key to the success of the FRSC’s operations.

"The adoption of technology has been the key success toward effective database of vehicles in advanced countries. The use of technology is the easiest way to detect and prosecute hit-and-run drivers."

“The moment you contravene the traffic rules, the gadget will automatically register your vehicle and the traffic administrator will send a ticket indicating your fine to your residence instead of chasing you around. That is why FRSC is serious about the two schemes; number plate and driver’s licence."

“This will enable us have a better traffic management and administration in Nigeria,’’ Zaki explained. 

The FRSC also stated that the new gadget would address challenges faced by the agency on Nigerian highways.

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