Innoson Motors presents armoured made-in-Nigeria G12 SUVs to the military

Nigeria's indigenous vehicle manufacturing company Innoson in the third quarter of 2016 presented armoured military-designed G12 SUVS and personnel carriers to the Chief of army staff, Lt. Gen. T.Y. Buratai who received the vehicles from the the company's CEO, Chukwuma Innocent.

Innoson Motors presents Made-in-Nigeria vehicles to the military

The company announced via a statement on its official Facebook page on November 16th, 2016.

"Earlier today, the Chairman of Innoson Group Chief Dr Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma OFR presented the new IVM G12 to the Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen T Y Buratai at the Tactical Headquarters of Operations in Maiduguri, Borno State."

It also stated that the IVM G12 was a highly mobile and specially-built vehicle for tactical and military operations only.

"The IVM G12 is a highly mobile and tactical SUV built solely for military operations. It possesses a brawny frame, typical of military armored carriers. A few inches of ground clearance, a smooth underbody, allowing the vehicle to easily navigate obstacles under most road conditions."
Innoson Motors CEO with military personnel 
The G12 is available in double cabin, pickup and closed roof both for urban and patrol operations.

"This highly mobile and tactical SUV is presently available in double cabin, pickup and closed roof models making it suitable for both urban, off-road and patrol duties." The statement read. 

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Pickup model 

Full roof model 

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