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Volvo xc40 concept

Swedish automobile giant Volvo has revealed concepts and lovely design of its XC40 model. Recall that last year, the company launched its luxury flagship models V90, V90 Cross Country estates and the high tech XC90 SUV.

The newly revealed 40 series concept models demonstrate for the first time how Volvo plans to expand into the large and lucrative global market for premium small cars with a range of vehicles that combine bold exterior and interior design with industry-leading connectivity, electrification and autonomous drive technologies.

2016 Volvo XC60
The new concept cars will be the first built around Volvo's new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), which has been specially created for smaller cars and which has liberated the company's designers and engineers to explore bold and daring new directions.

Volvo V90 Cross Country
The company announced that its revenue rose with the addition of new models to its fleet with the XC90 and V90 models accounting for a huge chunk of the profit. Global sales for the first quarter of 2016 increased 11.9 per cent to 120,591 cars.

Volvo has a medium-term ambition to sell 800,000 cars a year, up from 503,000 in 2015.

Source: AutoNews Mag

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