Six Important Documents You Must Have Before Driving In Nigeria

Just in a bid to avoid controversy, harassment or impoundment by the vehicle inspection services like the VIO and FRSC, ensure you have the following documents whenever you wish to get on the road and drive! 


Six Important Documents You Must Have Before Driving In Nigeria


Failure to have any of them especially the driver's license is an offense punishable under the traffic laws of Nigeria. 


1. A Valid Driver’s License

Nigeria driver's license

This shows that you have successfully completed training at an accredited driving school and have passed the test for driving. The license is issued by the FRSC.


2. Vehicle License

This shows the specifications of your vehicle; the engine type, car color and so on. 

Nigeria vehicle license

3. Proof of Ownership Certificate

This document serves as a proof that the vehicle is duly registered and that you own it. In the event where the vehicle's ownership has changed, a change of ownership document would be obtained and stamped by a competent court of law. As well, you could drive anyone's vehicle even if it's not yours provided you have a driver's license and other documents are valid. 

Nigeria proof of Ownership

4. Car Insurance Certificate

This is usually a third-party insurance. In case of an accident, you can lay claims for damage and repair. 

Nigeria vehicle insurance Certificate

5. Road Worthiness Certificate

This certifies that your vehicle is eligible to ply the roads. If your vehicle is all smoky and has a bad body, you will not be issued the certificate. 

Nigeria FRSC road Worthiness Certificate

6. Learner's Permit (for learner drivers)

This is for learner driver's who do not have a driver's license yet. This serves as your own driver's license for a period of three months, so it covers your training. 

Learner drivers must be accompanied by an instructor or someone who already has a driver's license and can drive. Driving alone as a learner driver is an offense punishable under the Nigeria traffic laws.

    More importantly, it's not just enough to have these documents, also ensure that they are not expired. Usually, the road worthiness, insurance, proof of ownership, and vehicle license have a span of one year after which they'd be renewed. The driver's license lasts for about four years. 

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