Volkswagen Redesigns The Old Microbus, Introduces ID Buzz

Remember the vintage Volkswagen bus that was popularly used for public transportation in Lagos (the yellow buses)?
Redesigned Volkswagen electric and self-driving microbus

Well, it has been redesigned and given a refreshing look for modern day drive.

Meet the I.D. Buzz: an all-electric, self-driving bus for the future.

All-electric self-driving microbus by Volkswagen

The second largest automaker revealed that the I.D. Buzz is the most versatile and emotional electric vehicle of all time at the auto show where it was unveiled. 

This is perhaps a good step forward even as Volkswagen has been going green with the VW e-golf which equally runs on electric cell technology with zero emissions.

All-electric self-driving microbus by Volkswagen

The new autonomous Microbus with a refreshing look and agility both in performance and design projects an illuminating and inspiring interior with alluring feel of comfort and superior quality. 

Projecting a good future, the automaker looks forward to 2020 and beyond for commercial production and availability even as it hopes on customer acceptance of the concept.

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