2018 Lincoln Navigator gets a whole new refreshing look

Ford's luxury division has unveiled it's most inspiring and biggest innovative SUV yet - the all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator. Revealed at the New York Auto Show, the new big brother SUV casts a shadow on some of its rivals with its new and refined egornomic design, interior packaging and added powerful performance.

Lincoln Navigator concept version

Clearly out with two separate designs, one which has a conventional 4-door setting and the other concept version (as pictured above) which rocks a special falcon wing door system and and elevated staircase-like platform.

Standard 2018 model
2018 Lincoln Navigator Standard Model

Still the concept
Beautifully-crafted and very elegant indeed, it sports a luxurious interior loaded with the latest infotainment technology.

Lincoln President, Kumar Galhotra explains that the Navigator focuses on the detailed family oriented needs of wealthy buyers of full-size SUVs.

Notice the absence of door handles on the concept version

“We have conducted a great deal of observational research on these buyers and have gained rich insights into their requirements,” said Galhotra.

“These people are very affluent, very family oriented, into sports activities and also have a strong emphasis on entertainment," he said.

Performance-wise, the all-wheel drive Navigator is powered by a 450-hp V-6 motor coupled to a 10-speed automatic transmission. The seven-seat interior has best in class second and third row space and a one-touch folding second row seat to ease access to the rear.


It has been really refreshed to suit the needs of rich personalities who love luxury and want a taste of it on style.

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