Audi reveals its latest electric SUV and it looks stunningly amazing

Audi is taking the lead in revealing series of concept cars within a short span of time. Just revealed is a stunning all-electric SUV obviously aiming to target its category contenders. The new concept is reportedly going to have a range of more than 483 kilometres on a single charge and will be capable of charging 80% in just 30 minutes. That's massive! Absolutely higher than Tesla Model S P100D's 474 kilometre-range.

Audi's new concept electric SUV
Platinum front grille deviates from Audi's regular design

Prior to this concept, Audi revealed its semi-autonomous future truck and it's self-repairing electric car, and as well the E-TRON Quattro concept.

More so, the automaker revealed the E-TRON crossover concept at the annual Shanghai motor show, formally known as Auto Shanghai 2017. The all-electric crossover will have the same powertrain as the E-TRON quattro.

Audi's new concept electric SUV
Notice the double screen on the center console
The new SUV (as pictured above) will be able to go 0-62 mph in just 4.5 seconds and will have a top speed of 131 mph, the company claims.

Audi's new concept electric SUV
A more dynamic interior design gives the new Audi concept a special class.
It also promises high-tech features just as found in the Tesla but much higher in specs. Possibly going to contend with Tesla Model X. Other features include side view cameras which will replace traditional side mirrors and two touchscreens on the center console as well as on the front passenger side.

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