FRSC begins checking of fake licences with online portal

Fake licences and fake vehicle documents may soon become a thing of the past as the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), has introduced an advanced web-based verification portal that would enable it detect fraudsters within minutes.

FRSC officials on duty

The Corp Marshall, Mr Boboye Oyeyemi, who announced this during a training for officers in Abuja, underscored that the new technology enables the system to produce instantly, information such as demographics, bio-metrics and offences committed by the holder of the driver’s licence.

“More security features have been built in the system to make it impossible for the licences to be faked or obtained by proxy without undergoing bio-metric and physical capturing."

“In addition, hand held devices are being used by patrol men to provide   immediate information on the status of the licences, thereby closing on the gaps which fraudsters would have relied upon to sustain their fraudulent activities,” the FRSC chief said.

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Source: FRSC

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