German company Lilium builds first all-electric jet capable of vertical takeoff and landing

Those concept technologies we see in sci-fi movies are gradually coming through to be realistically obtainable in today's world. We've seen flying cars, water buses, electric and self-driving cars and now a vertical takeoff and landing jet - no runways, no huge fans, just jet engine!

German company builds world's first all-electric vertical takeoff and landing jet
No fans, no blades, no combustion. Just jet engine and clean energy

German tech company, Lilium has got in the works a futuristic jet which is the first all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) jet. Already, the company has recently completed a series of test flights of the jet in Munich, Germany. A video of its maiden flight was released by the company. (Video at the end of the post).
The company aims at building a 5-seater model of the jet which can convey a whole family or group of friends, although the prototype which was tested was a 2-seater model.

Very flexible indeed, it requires no runway and can vertically takeoff easily even from your backyard - that's about the company's selling point for the new jet.

Promising a long range of 186 miles and speeds up to 186 mph, the jet should take you from one city to another with some juice still left within. 

However, pre-orders are still a few years away as the company isn't ready for such yet since its 2-seater prototype is still being tested and its ultimate 5-seater model would go through years of testing and authentication.

2016 and first quarter of 2017 have seen more technological innovations than previous years in such a short time, ranging from automobiles to planes to other technologies just for human life improvement. Watch video below:

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