Mercedes-Benz insane aerodynamic limousine concept

Pictured here is a concept design made by Roman Egorov, an automotive designer for Citroën (France). AutoNewsMag made an interesting profile of him including his previous internship experience at BMW and a current pursuit of his master's degree.

Mercedes-Benz aerodynamic limousine concept

The design for this elusive limo concept is only a part of his thesis with support from the Mercedes-Benz company.

Mercedes-Benz aerodynamic limousine concept
Exclusive design

Accordingly, his idea was to design a traditional three-box limousine with an aerodynamic profile, drawing inspiration from motorsports.

Mercedes-Benz aerodynamic limousine concept
The design depicted here is primarily intended to deliver a seamless flow of air from the front grille through the hood to the rear and as well over the glass roof for a more aerodynamic driving.  Underbody aerodynamics appear to play a significant role as well in keeping the airflow smooth and uninterrupted as well.

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