Tech company StreetDrone creates fully-equipped car with autonomous driving technology

We've seen more technological innovations and developments on self-driving/autonomous vehicles as well as electric vehicles and flying cars than ever before. Now, a UK-based tech coy StreetDrone has taken the drive to a whole new level with emphasis and focus on the education market whereby students could acquire one with full functionality and all the necessary tech on board to carry out research or study.

StreetDrone ONE
The StreetDrone ONE
Meet the StreetDrone ONE, a Renault electric vehicle built with the ability to drive itself.

The StreetDrone ONE is primarily intended to offer a hands-on learning opportunity for students who would like to explore the growing field of self-driving tech, and comes in a number of package options with different sensor loadouts and connectivity options.

Fully equipped, the StreetDrone ONE has a number of important sensors: Velodyne LiDAR, a 360-degree camera, 4 lower resolution optical cameras and RADAR, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi though you can tweak the configurations to only include a few of those, depending on what you need. It’s modular by design, too, so researchers and students can supplement their own parts and software.

Starting with the UK market for now, the car would aid in research and make it relatively easier to move from place to place since research work entails traveling, going places to collect data or information on the subject under investigation or study.

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