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This Chinese-made 2017 Cadillac CT6 is way more expensive than you think

General Motors US brings to limelight their newest offering - the 2017 Cadillac CT6 sedan. Interestingly, this model was made in China and against our expectations, it costs a whopping $75,000.  This is super expensive for a 4-door conventional sedan to say the least.

2017 Cadillac CT6
Front view

A plug-in hybrid - which means it uses both petrol and electricity to operate, it rocks a powerful engine giving off 335-horsepower, which can propel the vehicle from 0 to 100km/hr in just a little over 5 secs.

2017 Cadillac CT6
Rear view 
Interior space is huge and infotainment system is second to none! You could as well notice the the long wheelbase and eyedropper headlights.

2017 Cadillac CT6

Lowered suspension brings to fore the aerodynamic design the company intended for this vehicle, coupled with lush leather seating and comfortable driving experience.

Interior design with sleek dashboard
Full leather seating

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