Toyota’s new FJ Cruiser replica will make you fall in love with cars

We thought the much revered FJ Cruiser SUV was long dead but automobile giant, Toyota has just given us an unexpected surprise after years of waiting - this time, a much smaller and more compact off-road capable SUV, having resemblance to the big brother FJ Cruiser.

At the 2017 New York Auto Show, the Toyota FT-4X was unveiled - a concept machine built specifically for tech lovers.

Big brother FJ Cruiser 
Highly sophisticated and loaded with high-tech features, the FT-4X is smaller than the FJ Cruiser. Interior design is superb and exterior is insanely inspiring. Toyota seems to be really good at aesthetic design especially exterior-wise.

The overall design of the vehicle is pretty much ingenious! We hope to see the market availability of the latest baby in town soon.

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