Check out BMW's flying motorbike concept, pretty awesome

BMW has its stakes rising again with its new flying motorbike concept designed by the Lego team. Not just design, but a full model was built to show they aren't making a joke of their new innovation.

BMW flying bike concept
The design excludes the tyres
Called the Lego BMW R 1200 GS Adventure bike, it definitely kicks some ass with its ultimate design particularly the way it looks, as though it sits on the ground.
The full-size model of the Hover Ride Design Concept was first sighted at the LEGO World in Copenhagen.
The year 2015 till date has seen better innovations and concepts than ever before. I also made a post about the flying car which costs just $399,000 and is available for purchase. Read more...This flying car is worth $399,000 and is available for purchase 
BMW flying bike concept
It sits like it's on ground but actually afloat 
We hope to see this concept come to fruition in the coming years.

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