Samsung now officially into self-driving technology

Mobile phone giant Samsung is working with Chinese Search giant Baidu to create self-driving technology. It was only a matter of time before large corporations would actually see investment and a promising future in electric cars and self-driving technologies.

Samsung and Baidu to create self-driving technology

Not just Samsung, Apple also is interested in autonomous car technology as they already began developments. However, Google has been at the forefront at seeking ways of improving its already established self-driving technology. Not to mention the least, ride-hailing service Uber is also interested in the new gold.

Already, the company is forming a new team to work on its self-driving car technologies to show how serious they are. Although, the team would not manufacture an entire vehicle, they'd concentrate on the vehicle components.

Just so, Baidu has already been reported to have created China's first fully self-driving car which has so far achieved speeds of about 100km/hr according to State news agency Xinhua. The Verge reports that the so-called cars are modified BMW 3 Series vehicles being tested on expressways to the north of Beijing; they use laser radars, sensors, and cameras in combination with Baidu's mapping and deep-learning software.

Self-driving technology permit in Asia
Whilst Baidu keeps furthering it's frontiers, Samsung has been reportedly granted permit to test out self-driving car technology in South Korea, according to TechnoBuffalo.
Samsung can now test out self-driving car technology on public roads says a Korean media outfit.

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