The New Suzuki Ignis: Trendy or Trashy?!

Key points:
Price: $13,320
Miles per gallon (mpg): 65.7 (28 km per litre)
Top speed: 171km/hr
0-100km/hr: in just 13.5 seconds!

Suzuki doesn't sound like a popular car choice for everyone, does it? But here's a poky, petit and everyday ride you may wanna pick up from your auto dealer. The new Suzuki Ignis doesn't impress in terms of size but if you're a lover of little things and compact vehicles, then this is probably the choice car for you at this time.

Suzuki Ignis compact car

The interior is stuffed with a responsive touchscreen on the center console, subtle upright seats with enough legroom for the average height and a touch of fine aesthetic finish. In my opinion, the Ignis looks more like the Fiat 500 - rocking a very boxy shape and elite exterior.

Suzuki Ignis interior

Other specs include air bags, air conditioning, DAB radio and Bluetooth plus the option of sliding rear seats, satnav, parking camera and cruise control - all in the small Ignis!

Suzuki Ignis

Under the hood is 90bhp 1.2-litre petrol 4-cylinder dualjet engine. There's an option of 2WD or 4WD Allgrip.

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