2018 Honda Accord: Refreshing or Revolting?

Honda Accord is now in its 10th generation with a new model which features a refreshed and redesigned outlook both interior and exterior-wise. Best of it all, it rocks a 10-speed automatic transmission as stated on Motor Trend.

2018 Honda Accord

Notice the new grille design and the NSX styling of the headlights just like on the new Acura models. The silver bar has moved up the grille and overlaps significantly with the headlights. Below the bar, the grille narrows like a funnel in a unit that appears integrated, unlike the previous Accord that featured a clearer separation between the upper and lower grilles. The headlights on the 2018 Honda Accord are narrower, and the hood is chiseled and low to the ground, establishing an aggressive presence.

2018 Honda Accord headlight
New signature headlights 
2018 Honda Accord
Redesigned front grille 

Rear view shows a redesigned tail light bearing the signature design of the Volvo S90 sedan. 

2018 Honda Accord tail light
Tail light of the new Accord
2017 Honda Accord
Tail light of the previous Accord model 
The infotainment system on the new Honda Accord gets a single touchscreen that sits atop the dashboard. The air vents are now positioned below the screen instead of to the side, and the arrangement of buttons and knobs has changed. There is now a physical knob for changing the volume, instead of the slider from the previous model. As well, there's plenty of room inside the cabin and a reasonable leg space.

2018 Honda Accord
The interior now has a singular display on the center console
2018 Honda Accord
Touchscreen display panel for infotainment and navigation

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