Audi F-Tron Quattro nuclear-powered concept car

So it's very obvious that many auto makers today  want to move away from producing combustion engine vehicles and now looking towards a future of both electric and nuclear-powered vehicles which will reduce air pollution from conventional automobiles which saturate the society today. Also, the exhaustible nature of non-renewable fossil fuels has led many of them to begin looking at alternative ways of powering their vehicles. 

Audi F-Tron Quattro nuclear-powered concept car

Take for instance, Tesla in the United States does not manufacture any vehicle with petrol or diesel engines, but utilizes green energy i.e. electricity to power its vehicles. The Tesla Model S is an example. 

Thus, on this premise, Russian designer Gregory Gorin showcased an awesome concept for Audi which he named Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro, named after the Mesarthim star system in the Aries constellation.

Audi F-Tron Quattro nuclear-powered concept car

The vehicle reportedly would utilize a fusion reactor with plasma injectors located right in the middle. Other components alongside the reactor would use the heat produced to create steam and help spin a turbine that is attached to a generator, which in turn would charge up the batteries embedded in the car. These batteries would then power the electric motors mounted on the wheels.

It will reportedly include a magnetic hydro-dynamic system with an over-the-top powertrain for enhanced performance. We can only wait to see how this dream comes to reality.

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