Audi will include solar roofs on its electric cars

Audi is planning on integrating its upcoming electric cars with solar roofs. Already, the auto giant has reached a deal with Solar Panel coy, Alta Devices to fit the electricity-generating panels on its future cars.
Audi will include solar roofs on its electric cars
Audi E-Tron Sportback Concept
Tesla previously had this plan, but backtracked on it citing complex engineering and wiring. It was quite disappointing as we all awaited to see a car running purely on green energy with most of its energy generated from the ultimate natural power source, the sun. However, Audi is making this dream come true.

Based in California, United States, Alta Devices is a renowned tech outfit for its highly-efficient solar panels. Reportedly, it will work with alongside Audi to develop thin, lightweight solar cells that can be integrated into the panoramic glass roofs commonly found on cars.

The first prototype is said to be ready in late 2017. Further, full-roof solar panels would then be developed and affixed on Audi cars, serving as the entire roof.

Although the solar roofs would supply power to the vehicle, Audi says it would not be able to add range directly. However, the energy generated would only be able to power ancillary components like the air conditioning system, seat heaters, radio, etc. This would save more power and ultimately increase the range made available by the batteries incorporated in the vehicle.

More so, the solar cells would be able to charge the batteries directly.

Audi plans on beginning its electric future with the E-Tron SUV and later, the E-Tron Sportback which both would be able to go at least 250 miles in range

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