Mercedes-Benz unveils new look of the SprinterJet Van

Mercedes released this quick insight into the style of its future executive SprinterJet van. There are noticeably huge design changes especially at the front. 

future design of Mercedes-Benz sprinter jetvan

Instead of the regular, traditional look of its headlights, Mercedes decided to do somethig new and different. Already, we are getting tired of the constant and similar design patterns of the German company's vehicle models.

“We want to do more than just build the best vehicles. We want to offer the most suitable mobility solution for every sector and for every transport assignment. And that is precisely our focus with the upcoming Sprinter generation as an overall system solution,” said Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans. “It also goes without saying that the new edition of our iconic van possesses the classical attributes of reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness.”

Expect to see very lovely tech stuff inside of this land jet, just as expensive as it is. We've always trusted Mercedes on that one.

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