Volkswagen Golf Vision GTI Concept Design

More pictures and details of Volkswagen's new Golf concept have emerged during its Worthersee show unveiling. Clearly taking inspiration from the W12-engined Golf GTI of old, it powers all four wheels with a 3-litre VR6 engine, which could appear – in detuned form – in future Volkswagen models.
Volkswagen Golf Vision GTI Concept Design

Despite its wild body and supercar-troubling 496bhp/413lb ft powertrain, the Design Vision GTI is still based around the MQB chassis architecture that underpins the mk7 Golf as well as many other VW group small cars. All four wheels are powered by a DSG twin-clutch gearbox.
Volkswagen Golf Vision GTI Concept Design

The GTI will top 190mph – 38mph more than the regular, 2-litre car – and hits 62mph in 3.9sec, 2.6sec quicker than the mk7 hot hatch.
The styling elements are very bold, with stonking 20in alloy wheels and a side profile clearly inspired by the Audi R8’s sideblade arrangement, but design features could filter down to future hot Golfs in diluted form.

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