2020 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon | The ultimate challenger

Introducing the futuristic, next generation and environmental-friendly Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force SUV for ultimate off-road capabilities. It is specifically designed for law enforcement and emergency services. It's equally said to be the future G-Wagon.

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept G-Wagon
It is based on the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class design-wise and in ruggedness. It's still a concept and would be powered by a hypothetical variant of Mercedes' F-CELL hydrogen fuel-cell technology. Here's where the environmental-friendly caption comes in, meaning there'd be no emission whatsoever. Already, there's a prototype shown in the video below.

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept G-Wagon

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept G-Wagon

Its fierce, rugged, thuggish, commanding and brutal outlook is matched to the power of the quad electric motors. This is the future!

This is a rather much more dynamic offshoot of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLG concept which has a rather normal SUV look and feel.

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept G-Wagon

According to Mercedes, the Ener-G-Force sends recycled water in tanks on its roof to a "hydro-tech converter" that transforms natural and renewable resources into energy.

It is built with lightweight-composite materials and features electric motors mounted on each wheel and they work independently of one another, meaning it's a different and unusual 4x4 all-wheel electric drive with a range of about 500 miles (805 km).

Watch the video unveiling:

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