Toyota TJ Cruiser unveiled

The Toyota TJ Cruiser concept has made an astounding arrival with a more weirder and exceptional stylish design. If the FJ Cruiser was not absurd enough, then this one should. Toyota has successfully merged the spaciousness and roomy structure and feel of a luxury van with the offroad capability of an SUV. That's the company's aim for this vehicle.

Toyota TJ Cruiser

According to Toyota, this new concept “represents the harmonious balance between the roominess of a cargo van and the powerful design of an SUV.” The boxy and high suspension nature of the vehicle is its selling point. 
Toyota TJ CruiserToyota TJ Cruiser

It would give a sense of feeling where owners enjoy the dual capability of a hybrid design multipurpose vehicle. The seats fold flat and allow for cargo placements. It also features sliding doors for easy access into the cabin.

Toyota TJ CruiserToyota TJ Cruiser

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