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The $465,000 custom-made BMW X6 by Manhart

The BMW X6 might have come and gone with its allure ushering in the X6M and an X7 concept but German custom vehicle maker Manhart has done justice to keep the X6 legacy alive. Here's the result of the customization - a yellow and black bumblebee ready for smashing hits and offraod.

The $465,000 custom-made BMW X6 by Manhart

This particular concept was developed by the automobile tuner and is named the MHX6 Dirt² Concept. As expected of a dirt machine, the custom kits were incorporated including protection tools like winch, a skid plate, a bull bar, and an external roll cage. 

With 21-inch allow wheels and all-terrain tyres, it is ready to slug it out and battle obstacles on its way. With a V8 twin-turbo 4.4-litre engine, this vehicle makes up for a whopping 900-horsepower and 885 lb.ft of torque. That's some huge juice to race the car up to a crazy distance.

The $465,000 custom-made BMW X6 by Manhart

The manufacturer claims only 5 units would be made available worldwide with an asking price of about $465,000.

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