2020 Bugatti SUV concept renderings

Bugatti is one of the supercar manufacturers yet to join the bandwagon of SUV segment in the automobile industry. Already, Lamborghini has unveiled its URUS SUV, Bentley has got the Bentayga and Ferrari has got a concept SUV in the works, not to mention Rolls-Royce.

2020 Bugatti SUV Concept

I like to think that due to pressure and the demand for hatchback vehicles and crossover SUVs, Bugatti may end up succumbing to popular request or perhaps, demand.

2020 Bugatti SUV Concept

The image renderings shown here are design propositions by Aksyonov Nikita for the French supercar manufacturer and apparently, the whole rendering bears the DNA of the company's 2017 Chiron. Check out those headlamps!

`2020 Bugatti SUV Concept

The same grille is re-highlighted here with an overall Chiron-inspired styling except for a few parts where the Chiron wins really big - around the fender with the air intake outlet.

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