Infiniti Q Inspiration luxury sedan concept

Here's a beautiful piece and a stylish one from the stables of Asian auto maker Infiniti. A rather perfect combination of a sedan and a hatchback, the Q Inspiration sedan concept infuses luxury with aero design.

Infiniti Q Inspiration luxury sedan concept

It's scheduled to make debut at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show January 15 in the United States, however the teaser image gives us a glimpse of what to expect. Perhaps, the Q Inspiration actually draws 'inspiration' from the Audi A7 Quattro All-back design or the Tesla Model S but this time, in a more elongated, curvy and sleeker rendering. 

What's more? It's interesting to speculate that the taillights are actually going to feature a full LED strip running through the back. The stylish all-glass roof panel which goes all curvy way from the back to the front sets the Q Inspiration apart from its rivals, although being a concept at the time.

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