Russia's first driverless car launched in Moscow

The first and highly-successful test of Russian tech giant's autonomous car was carried out in the country's capital. Yandex successfully through the years worked on making autonomous cars a reality in Russia. The test conducted saw the vehicle drive itself through the highly-crowded streets of Moscow in harsh snowy weather conditions. 

Russia's first driverless car launched in Moscow

A similar transit service to Uber, Yandex.Taxi unveiled a prototype of the driverless car way back sometime in 2017 but has completed and made final touches to bring the car to the fore. The vehicle demonstrated capability in practically maneuvering through traffic, avoiding pedestrians and giving right of way as well as carefully navigating through parked vehicles and managing other road hazards.

Althouth in the video, the vehicle's brand identity was hidden and navigation panel was also shrouded with secrecy, I like to think that this is a Toyota. Apparently, it seems to be a Prius hybrid.

“Today we are excited to have advanced our technology to safely navigate the challenges of public streets and winter weather,” Yandex said in an online press release. The vehicle is a hybrid car and full of high-tech features.

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