2018 Nissan Terra 4x4 SUV unveiled

Looking like a breakaway unit of the popular Nissan X-Terra SUV, this baby on wheels might look so innocent and simple design-wise, it promises to be very rugged, packed with safety features and very reliable. Make no mistakes, it is the Terra and not the Terrano. Meet the latest Nissan Terra SUV.

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2018 Nissan Terra SUV

The ride height alone is my most attractive feature. I always love vehicles with enough ground clearance to beat the Rockies and those very annoying breakouts on the road.

2018 Nissan Terra SUV interior

Sadly, however, the Terra is only going to sell in China and other Asian countries (sorry, Europe, Africa, and America). The framework is based on the Nissan Navara and will be available in two separate 2.3-liter 4-cyl diesel engines which make 163 and 190 horsepower respectively, and as well a petrol 4-cyl engine making 160 horsepower.

As expected, 4-wheel drive is standard for an SUV like this. Prices start at $40,000

2018 Nissan Terra SUV
2018 Nissan Terra SUV

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