The car that unlocks and starts with just a fingerprint

The all-new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV 

South Korean auto giant, Hyundai is taking giant strides in redefining innovation in the automobile industry. The company has unveiled a new car system which allows drivers to unlock and start their vehicle with their own fingerprints. According to Engadget, the new technology is built into the door handle and ignition of the 2019 Santa Fe SUV

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"Multiple owners will be able to register their encrypted fingerprint data for the same vehicle, and depending on the person using the car, it will then automatically adjust seat positions and the angle of the rearview mirrors." A future update could also allow the biometric system to add personalized temperature, humidity, and steering settings, Hyundai said. 

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Image result for 2019 hyundai santa fe

To prevent hacking or faking of fingerprints, the fingerprint sensor uses human capacitance to pull off the trick, differentiating between the electricity levels in different parts of the finger. 

The Santa Fe's other tech includes a rear occupant alert system, which uses ultrasonic sensors to detect the movements of children in the back to avoid anyone being left behind. The car also comes equipped with Chinese internet giant Baidu's voice recognition system and a wireless phone charger.

This isn't the first time fingerprints have been used to start cars, but the unlocking tech has never before been baked into a vehicle's door handle.

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