The 500-mile range Atlis XT electric pickup truck

The new Atlis XT electric truck hits the auto industry with a price tag of $45,000 and commercial production to begin in earnest with first unit to arrive market by 2020.
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The electric car market is really booming and the truck segment is not going to lag behind. Besides the newly revealed Rivian R1T electric truck, this new Atlis XT is also a gameplayer and both vehicles seem to be coming from not-so-popular brands.
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The Fast Lane Truck

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Atlis Motor Vehicles
Atlis Motor Vehicles, maker of the Atlis XT was founded in 2016 after truck enthusiast Mark Hanchett successfully converted a diesel pickup into an electric vehicle.
The Atlis XT features a modular platform that includes independent traction motors at each wheel and single-speed direct-drive transmissions. The platform can also be configured with different suspension systems, four-wheel steering, and a tandem axle

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